More details for the upcoming speaking engagement at NBL

February 28, 2011

Take a look at the Northbrook Public Library event page for more information:


One Response to “More details for the upcoming speaking engagement at NBL”

  1. ann moltz Says:

    The joint novel between mother molly shaefer and
    daughter cyndee shafer was enlightening. First the letters that Mollie wrote while she was a wac. She explains in descripitive detail all her experiences from her life in California and I believe all the way to and through Europe. By reading this book I learned about doodle bugs (german bomber) and v mail and mollies romances and the attidute the u.s had about the war. I also learned about the romances, and friends she made in the Army . I learned about all the beautiful sights she saw especially in Paris. She said the Riveria had hollywood beat. Then her experience in Germany,all the way from taking a ship back to the mainland. She has not been back to Europe since the war but now she is happily married to a
    captain shaefer and were married until he passed away. But she said I will give you two cents if you propose to me and he did and the children have that 2 cents.
    Cyndee did a good job putting the letter together and explaining things when needed to be explained that the book flows and read like a novel.

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